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Community Archaeology Dig – Walled Garden

Fulham Palace is currently holding a community archaeology dig in our Walled Garden with professional archaeologists on site who will be stripping back the topsoil to reveal the garden’s history.

We are looking for volunteers to come along and get involved. Tasks will include archaeological investigation, sieving, finds processing and recording using drawing and photography. Volunteering opportunities on the dig will be running 25-27 July; 30 July to 3 August and 6-10 August.

Fulham Palace has had a very long history.  During previous archaeological digs we have found Neolithic, Roman, medieval and Tudor finds!  The findings from the summer 2012 dig will help us refine our plans for planting in the Walled Garden, which will be a longer term project.

Email our learning officer for more information education@fulhampalace.org or telephone 020 7751 2432.

Community Archaeology Dig – Walled Garden
Community Archaeology Dig – Walled Garden
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