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An insight into the Fulham Palace of the Future

In line with the current exhibition ‘The Architects and Craftsmen of Fulham Palace’, David Hills and Louise Clark, leading heritage architects from Purcell, gave a fascinating introduction to the ‘Fulham Palace of the Future’ on Tuesday 27th February. This was the first in a series of talks to focus on the craft of building and the craftsmanship inherent within much of our heritage.

David and Louise explained how the fabric of the building had been closely researched during the development phase of the project and how that had informed the planning of the proposed restoration. The new visitor route was outlined, along with some of the exciting proposals such as a new staircase to provide access for visitors to walk through the magnificent roof space over the Great Hall and the opening up of the old doorway on the ground floor to improve circulation and facilitate understanding of the history of the building.

Purcell also showed how they were rising to the challenge of introducing services to the offices and new display rooms without major disruption to the fabric of the Listed building.  David highlighted the current state of the walls in the Tudor Quadrangle, showed what had been achieved recently at Hampton Court Palace and explained how we would be progressing the restoration of the Tudor brickwork at the Palace.

We will be hearing more from Purcell throughout the restoration project and the team will be back to deliver presentations as the project progresses.

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An insight into the Fulham Palace of the Future
An insight into the Fulham Palace of the Future
An insight into the Fulham Palace of the Future
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