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Langford take over Fulham Palace

Today, Year 5 from Langford Primary School took over Fulham Palace as part of Kids in Museum Take Over Day.

A group of four Administrators interviewed Sian Harrington, Chief Executive of the Fulham Palace Trust.

Here is their report on the interview:


We interviewed the chief executive Sian Harrington in her office.

Administrator: “What is your role in the palace?”

Sian Harrington: “I am the chief executive.”


Administrator: “What is your favourite thing about Fulham Palace ?”

Sian Harrington: “I like the Tudor courtyard.”


Administrator: “What is the best thing about your job?”

Sian Harrington: “I get to work in a beautiful  place.”


Administrator:  “How did you get   the job?”

Sian Harrington: “I have worked in heritage and museums since getting my degree. I have been working here for two years.”






Langford take over Fulham Palace
Langford take over Fulham Palace
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