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Secondary school sessions

We understand the difficulties of museum visits and the secondary time table, so we offer flexible sessions both on-site and outreach programmes. Individual topics and cross-curricular days can be arranged, and all topics include costume, archive material and resources where appropriate.

Topics covered are:

Local Environment – history and geography
The Palace & gardens as inspiration – art and design

The Trial of Tudor Bishop Bonner
Focusing on the Reformation, learn about Bishop Bonner, Bishop of London to Henry VIII and Mary I, who allegedly tortured protestants at the Palace. Through the interrogation of primary and secondary sources, build your case; argue whether he was a cruel religious tyrant or only carrying out orders in a mock Tudor trial in front of a judge. All pupils wear costume and have a role to play.

  •  Sessions: timings flexible to fit with the KS3 timetable

Click here to download the Teacher’s Notes.


Archaeology for All
KS3, KS4, KS5
Pupils practice the historical enquiry skills used by archaeologists to learn how fragments of history can build up a picture of the past. This programme is backed up by a much acclaimed resource pack for classroom use.

  • Session 1: Fieldwork on the riverside includes recording river features and evidence of human use. Work on the foreshore involves collecting and identifying historic artefacts as evidence of past river use.
  • Session 2: Indoor activities show pupils how to distinguish between different materials and identify and date the artefacts using specially designed colourful and easy to use sorting boards. We also investigate how artefacts found around the Thames help us build up a picture of London’s settlement. Sessions will round up with a look at Fulham Palace’s collections (time permitting).

This session is run throughout the year by Thames Explorer Trust for Fulham Palace, however days and times are dependent on the tide. For more information or to book, call Thames Explorer Trust on 020 8742 0057 or click here. Costs per group: full day programme (2 hours fieldwork & 2 hours of indoor activities) £305.


Creative Writing and Story Workshops in the Walled Garden
Using the special environment of the Walled Garden as a creative space, these workshops draw on nature and the senses to inspire writing, story making and sharing. The workshops are for underachieving and/or under-confident students and others, including gifted and talented students, who would benefit from space to write and share in small groups of 8-10 students. Facilitated by Christine Hollywood, who runs the Write To Be Me project for schools, shown to boost attainment, confidence and wellbeing through writing activities and group-work.

Individual workshops and 6 week courses available.  2 hour workshops cost £70.  Please call 07773 379 526 for more details, course rates and to book a workshop. For more information about Christine Hollywood and the Write To Be Me project for schools, please click here.


Organise a school visit

To organise a secondary school session visit, please email kate.kern@fulhampalace.org or call 020 7751 2432.


Secondary school sessions
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