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The Committee

This is a brief introduction to the Chair and the Friends of Fulham Palace Committee.

If you are interested in learning more about the Friends or can offer a set of skills as a committee member, we look forward to hearing from you. Please email membership@fulhampalace.org for further details.

Kate Groenholm (Chair)

After over 30 years working in marketing, events and business development on an international basis, Kate decided to devote more time to charitable and voluntary activities in 2014. As Fulham Palace was just around the corner from her home, it was an obvious candidate. After several months assisting with the re-launch of the Friends of Fulham Palace she was delighted to be elected to the role of Chair. In this capacity she hopes to play a part in promoting Fulham Palace to a wider audience and raise ever-needed funds, whilst also helping to develop a strong and vibrant community of people, who like her, love and enjoy all that Fulham Palace has to offer.

 Alexandra Harding (Secretary)

With a 25 year career in financial services at leading international investment firms,  Alexandra is delighted to volunteer her experience to the Friends of Fulham Palace and to encourage people to connect, support and enjoy the heritage of the Palace and its wonderful gardens. Having lived in Chelsea for 20 years and recently moved upriver to Putney, she looks forward to the opportunity to follow her lifelong interest in the arts and become an active volunteer, involved with local community initiatives.

Carine Williams (Membership Secretary)

Carine was born in The Netherlands but has lived in Fulham for 25 years and has always taken an interest in Fulham Palace.  Carine had a career in PR with a focus on Interior Design. She became an active volunteer at Fulham Palace in 2013, assisting both in the Museum and the Education Department. Carine also volunteered herself to be the Membership Secretary for the Friends of Fulham Palace. In addition to her involvement at the Palace she also acts as a volunteer in the Membership Events Department at the V&A Museum.

Lucy Crowder (Treasurer)

Lucy has recently moved to Fulham and joined the Friends of Fulham Palace in the role of Treasurer as a way of contributing to the local community, whilst also getting to know more people in her local vicinity. Lucy is a qualified solicitor and for many years worked in commercial law in London, Singapore and Hong Kong before moving to Guernsey to bring up her family. Whilst in Guernsey she worked for a small investment advice company for whom she continues to work, but now at their offices in Soho.


Theresa Coombes

Theresa is a retired Civil servant, whose family have lived in Fulham for over a hundred years. She is a well-established Museum and tour guide volunteer at Fulham Palace as well as a valued committee member of the Friends of Fulham Palace.

Tom Hackett

Tom, who was born and grew up in Fulham and now lives there, is a trustee of Fulham Palace Trust, which he helped set up in 2011. He is on the Trust’s Finance, Risk and Audit Committee and represents the Board of Fulham Palace Trust on the Friends Committee. Tom is also a Trustee of Fulham based charity, Bishop Creighton House and is on the Board of Retail Charity Bonds Plc, an issuing vehicle enabling charities to raise capital in the bond market. Prior to retirement in August 2012, Tom had a long career abroad in financing international development.

Kate Ainley-Marr

Kate was the first Fundraising Officer at Fulham Palace Trust to be involved with the HLF project: “Discovering the Bishop of London’s Palace at Fulham”. After 3 happy years at the Trust Kate  moved to the Royal Hospital Chelsea where she is now Head of Fundraising.

Kate is currently responsible for the development and success of the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s voluntary income streams, overseeing a budget of £1.45million per annum.

Kate has watched the HLF project develop with great interest and remains keenly invested in the success of Fulham Palace. Kate has a strong understanding and professional knowledge of the museum sector and membership programmes, together with a genuine passion for heritage which are a great asset to the Friends and the Trust.

Virginia Pilbrow

Virginia Pilbrow has lived in Hammersmith since 2005, which was when she first discovered Fulham Palace.  Previous to that, she lived in Hong Kong for 25 years, where she ran Marketing Company. Virginia is an active volunteer and a valued Committee member of the Friends of Fulham Palace.

Caroline Steane

Caroline has lived in Fulham all her adult life and has been a Volunteer History Tour Guide at Fulham Palace for nearly a decade. She also represents the Tour Guides on the Volunteer Representative Committee and spent the summer of 2018 investigating the mysteries of beekeeping in the Palace’s Walled Garden. She has a degree in Art History, with a particular interest in architecture and her work experience has included administration and fund-raising for a contemporary Opera company.

The Committee
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