Supporter exclusive: Pitzhanger manor & gallery tour

Supporters are invited to join an exclusive tour of Pitzhanger Manor, personally led by our Director, Clare Gough.

We are thrilled to invite our valued supporters to an exclusive tour of Pitzhanger Manor, personally led by our Director, Clare Gough.

Designed by the legendary Sir John Soane in 1800, Pitzhanger Manor stands as a testament to his architectural brilliance. Unlike many of his other creations, Pitzhanger is unique because Soane designed, built, and lived in it himself. After Soane sold the house in 1810, it changed hands several times until Ealing Council transformed it into a Public Library. The 1938 addition of the Lending Library block, which now houses the Pitzhanger Gallery, marked the beginning of a new chapter for this historic site.

In 1996, Pitzhanger began showcasing contemporary art, and a comprehensive restoration in 2019 brought the Manor closer to Soane’s original vision. Today, five years later, Pitzhanger hosts award-winning exhibitions and delivers inspiring learning and outreach programs that engage young people and families, fostering community and preserving this historic gem for future generations.

Join Clare Gough as she leads this exclusive tour, unveiling the architectural marvels and intricate design details crafted by Sir John Soane. From its origins as a serene country retreat to its meticulous restoration, you’ll experience Soane’s dream of an architectural dynasty and hear captivating tales of grand entertainment.

After the tour, enjoy a hot drink and a slice of cake in the Pitzhanger café.

Event details:

  • This is a Fulham Palace supporter exclusive event.
  • This event will meet at 9.50 at the main entrance to Pitzhanger manor before the tour begins at 10.00.
  • For any questions about this event, please email
Claire Gough, Director of Pitzhanger Manor