Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) – Calligraphy

Our Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) is back with an exciting new term of hands-on sessions!

Join community archaeologist Alexis and uncover some of the long and layered history of Fulham Palace. Young Archaeologists’ Club is suitable for young people ages 8 – 16 year-olds and attend independently.

Term schedule:

Saturday 21 January – Grain storage pits

Grain storage pits are particularly common on Iron Age sites within Britain. These are very exciting features when discovered during excavation and often contain a variety of different and somewhat unusual artefacts. We will be examining what they were used for before attempting to create our own versions using a variety of different materials.

Saturday 18 February – Calligraphy

Discover the historical art of calligraphy! We’ll explore how writing changed over time and what can be learned from the different styles before having a go at it ourselves.

Saturday 18 March – Excursion 

We’ll be taking a trip to the Wandsworth Heritage Service at Wandsworth Library for a map regression exercise and a tour around old Clapham. This will be a great excursion and a fine opportunity to learn more about local history.