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Fulham Palace, the former summer home of the Bishops of London, gives city children a chance to see a large country house, right on their doorstep.

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Learning news

Friday 14 July 2017

Working behind the scenes at Fulham Palace

Back in the spring, Chloe and Stephen came to Fulham Palace for 5 days as part of their work experience for their Travel and Tourism course at Ealing Hammersmith and West London College.  Here they explain what that involved and how much they learned.

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Working behind the scenes at Fulham Palace

Come by with the family

A day-trip to Fulham Palace is the perfect excursion for a relaxing family day.

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Our history

There have been settlements on the site of Fulham Palace since Neolithic and Roman times...

Go back in time

Writing a novel or doing research?

We have plentiful coffee, cake and free wifi - bring a laptop along and enjoy the peace!

The Drawing Room Café

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