From Stone Age shelter building and Roman object handling to Tudor apothecaries and Victorian costumes, Fulham Palace offers your class a powerful learning experience in one of Britain’s most important historic sites.

Dive into the long and layered history of Fulham Palace! Our award-winning curriculum-based school sessions offer students of all ages the opportunity to unravel the past through engaging, hands-on experiences, creating lasting memories while exploring history in a truly unforgettable way.

Early Year Foundation Stage

Explore the hidden world of insects in Fulham Palace’s historic garden. Pupils will discover the importance of insects through storytelling, songs and hands-on activities.

Key Stage 1

From becoming Tudor apothecaries and working in the Victorian household to discovering plants in the historic garden and identifying everyday materials, our KS1 sessions offer exciting opportunities of discovery.

Key Stage 2

Create a Stone Age shelter, discover the Romans, find Viking hoards or Cure Princess Catherine of Aragon, how will your students experience the Palace’s long history?

Additional resources

In addition to on-site facilitator-led sessions, we have a variety of free self-guided trails and bookable resources to help bring the Palace to your classroom.

Education partner-led sessions

Enjoy theatre and performance-arts-based sessions from Xenogenesis.

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