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Current campaigns

Help us restore and share this wonderful house and garden by donating to one of our fundraising campaigns.

Help bring chickens to Fulham Palace!

We need your help to raise £1,500 to bring our own flock of chickens to Fulham Palace.

We’re planning to adopt hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust, a UK charity committed to changing the lives of commercial laying hens, giving them a second chance.

Not only would chickens provide organic eggs but their droppings would be used as a natural fertiliser for our garden, supporting our eco-friendly approach.

We’ve broken down some of the costs involved so that you get a sense of the egg-sceptional difference your donation would make…

£800 would fund a spacious chicken coop with a 3m run for the birds to roam happily and safely in the walled garden, protected from foxes.

£200 would go towards the finest, nutritious food.

£30 would help us adopt and re-home an ex-battery chicken, offering a fresh start to a hen in need and providing well deserved, free-range retirement!

£15 would secure the chicken coop feeders, very important equipment.

£10 would cover red mite powder, to keep inspect pests at bay in our feathery haven.

Thank you for anything you can spare to help fund our very own flock.

Greatest need fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has been, and continues, to be a difficult time for the Palace. As an independent charity we are not guaranteed government funding and rely on community members and our fundraising programming. The impact on the cultural and hospitality sectors has been devastating. Your donation will make a transformative difference, especially during these uncertain times.

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Previous campaigns

Wisteria arch appeal

We did it!

Thank you! With your support, we’re delighted to announce we have successfully reached our wisteria appeal target of £20,000. Your donations will help the wisteria thrive for generations to come!

Thank you for becoming part of history by lending your support to one of London’s most important botanical gardens since the 16th century! With your help, our garden can be a destination for all to enjoy in the years to come.