Roman settlers, Saxon squatters and Viking invaders — the archaeology of Fulham Palace has revealed an exciting history, recognised by its status as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. This means that archaeological digs are only carried out with the permission of Historic England.

A dog skeleton being uncovered by an archaeologist using a trowel

Digs on our 13 acre site have unearthed objects dating from the Neolithic period (between 4,000 and 2,200 BC) to the modern day. Each tells a story about how Fulham Palace was used and how it evolved over time.

And we’re still uncovering the site’s many layers with the help of our local community. Our community archaeology programme gives the public the rare chance to work with professional archaeologists on a site of great national significance.

Please note, metal detecting is not permitted on our site. 

Recent archaeological discoveries

Prehistoric to medieval finds

Tudor to present day finds