Volunteers are involved in every aspect of Palace life, from welcoming visitors to playing the grand piano in our historic rooms.

Discover a new side of Fulham Palace

From welcoming visitors into the museum to helping with events or tending to the garden, there are a variety of opportunities available to get involved with the Palace.

As opportunities arise, they will be listed here. To apply for a volunteer role please download the enquiry form and email it to volunteer@fulhampalace.org.

Current roles

My experience of volunteering at Fulham Palace has been great. I’ve done three different activities so far and they’ve all been fun. Each time I’ve felt very welcomed and valued, which is lovely.

Julie, Learning and front of house volunteer
Three women sit in a courtyard. All are smiling at the camera

In return for your valuable time, we offer a packed programme of training sessions, special trips and social events. Our volunteers also receive a 10% discount in our shop and café!

We usually ask for a minimum commitment of six months so that we can both make the most of your volunteering. Read our FAQs for volunteers to learn more.

Volunteer portal

If you’re a current volunteer you can log into our dedicated volunteer portal and read the latest news, sign up to a volunteer rota, RSVP to events and more.

For more information

You can get in touch with our volunteer team on volunteer@fulhampalace.org or +44 (0)20 7751 2433.

Case studies

Find out why some of our volunteers have joined us and which roles they do:

Zeba Nadeem - Learning volunteer

Which department do you volunteer for?


How often do you volunteer?

Once a week

How long have you been volunteering?

Since September 2019

Why do you volunteer?

Here at Fulham Palace I am a learning admin assistant. I am also in my final year of university studying English at Kings College London. With my love for English comes a love for history, and learning about local history is always so fascinating. As a volunteer I am surrounded by a shared interest for history, and I love that I am able to learn more about the local history whilst also learning so much from the team around me! I love being in a fun and uplifting environment

Maureen Ball - Front of house volunteer

Which department do you volunteer for?

Front of house

How often do you volunteer? 

Two afternoons per week

How long have you been volunteering?

Since around 2007, when Fulham Palace was still amalgamated with Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

Why do you volunteer?

I’m Fulham born and have known about the garden at Fulham Palace all my life. I remember the herb garden from when I was a little girl, back when there was only one showcase with the Bishop’s cope in it. The house fell into disrepair and until the mid ‘80s there were peacocks roaming around the grounds! I started volunteering here because my work came to an end.

I saw the advertisement about volunteering at Fulham Palace in the local library. I needed something to do at the time to take my mind of things in my personal life, so I got in touch about September 2007, and I went to a meeting held in the chapel with the then-curator, Miranda Poliakoff. In November they asked me to come volunteer and at the time I did an awful lot of volunteering. I helped out with the school classes that visited the site, but my knees got too bad for that so I took up museum stewarding and worked in the shop. I’ve always enjoyed helping out in the shop because I’ve worked in a lot of shops during my life.

How do you fit volunteering around your other commitments?

I’ve always done Sundays here and Thursdays when I can. I can plan my life around volunteering. It’s part of my life now, it’s part of what I do. And I enjoy meeting people every day, regardless of nationality. Having been an international telephonist, I’ve found I can get on with people from all ages from all over the world.

What impact has volunteering had on your life?

At the time I began volunteering, I needed something to fill my time and it came along at the right time. I learned a lot of history about the Bishops and history of the local area.

What impact do you feel your volunteering has on other people’s lives in your community?

I’ve always helped with the baking for the carol concerts – my mince pies have always gone down extremely well. One visitor said one year they could see the great hall laden with treats – that whole massive table laden with food – they said it looked “spectacular”. Sometimes I’d turn round and there’d be nothing left on the tables!

I’ve enjoyed showing schoolchildren the World War II items from the collection because I recognise them and can explain them to the children, who sometimes recognise things that their grandparents have at home.

I’ve also helped train new front of house volunteers in the role, and if I ever stopped coming, I’d really miss it.