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Enjoy our exciting temporary exhibitions

Discovering the Bishop of London’s Palace at Fulham

25 May 2019 to winter 2022

The first exhibition in our new museum celebrates our recent £3.8 million restoration project, revealing what was involved in this thee year programme to restore and reinterpret our Tudor courtyard and historic rooms and create new beds in the botanic garden.

Find out how the complex restoration project resulted in a richer understanding of the building of Fulham Palace, how the site was used and the people who lived and worked here over the centuries.

Learn about the work carried out by specialist conservators and craftspeople, and the traditional methods they employed to remain faithful to those used at Fulham Palace in the past.

Discover fascinating finds, from artefacts uncovered through archaeology digs to a 17th century painted wall hidden behind plasterboard.

Learn about the vital role our volunteers played in discovering more about Fulham Palace and the Bishops of London through carrying out an extensive archive research project and participating in archaeology digs.


Previous exhibitions

The walled garden

3 – 31 August

An exhibition of mixed media art works by students inspired by the garden during a visit to Fulham Palace. They gathered visual material, making sketches and taking photographs, with the intention of exploring details of texture and colours as well as the larger vistas of this magical place. Later, back in the studio, they created mixed media works evoking the sensations and memories of this verdant and tranquil oasis. There is a sense of the fairy tale to many of these works, as the artists recall elements of the observations gathered at Fulham Palace and bring these together with memories of their own ‘dream gardens’

Putney School of Art and Design
The students are part of artist Sarah Sparkes course ‘Expressive Drawing and Painting Flora and Natural Forms’ at Putney school of Art and Design. Read the blog about the exhibition. 


  • Exhibition open from 3 – 31 August 2022.
  • This exhibition is in Bishop Terrick’s rooms and is open daily from 10.30 – 16.00 with museum admission.
  • Admission is free
  • Postcards with selected prints can be purchased from the museum shop.

Upcoming exhibitions

The Bishop of London, colonialism and transatlantic slavery

Coming early 2023

The Fulham Palace museum will have an exhibition on the Bishop of London, colonialism and transatlantic slavery, and the systems of physical and spiritual resistance that ultimately led to the ending of the slave trade and slavery itself in the British Empire. The exhibition will include a film featuring the work by Adisa, the project artist, and schools and community groups, work by workshop participants, and a timeline featuring the Bishop of London’s historic involvement in the colonies, transatlantic slavery and emancipation.

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