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Save those air miles

By Sarah Nicholl-Carne, volunteer gardener

Who needs to go all the way to New England to see “the Fall”, when the colours of the Fulham Palace trees are so stunning this year?

Our maples, Acer species, sweet gum, Liquidambar styraciflua and copper beech Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea are a rival to anything you would find in Vermont or New Hampshire. And the will be no flight shaming, no worries about carbon emissions, just hop on the bus to Fulham Palace and see it all for free.

Don’t miss the spectacular Japanese maple in the inner courtyard. The beautiful Ginkgo biloba by the Tudor gate has now lost all its bright yellow leaves, and is standing in a pool of gold.

Every way you turn, there are gold, crimson, orange and vermilion leaves dancing in the wind. But hurry, they are falling faster than the doughty volunteers can rake them up. No sooner have they cleared a patch of lawn, than the west wind carpets it again.

This is a fleeting opportunity; wait a week, and you might be too late. Come and enjoy a bracing walk amongst the trees, topped off with a cup of something warm in the cafe.

large tree with red and yellow leaves
yellow leaved tree late in autumn after having lost many of its leaves