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The Palace’s buried treasure

We’ve buried a time capsule in the historic walled garden.

As part of our going green project, we’re building a pond in our historic walled garden. But before we fill it up, we decided to mark this special moment by burying a time capsule filled with today’s treasures for future generations to discover.

With over a thousand years of history, Fulham Palace is now taking a step into the future with this eco-friendly initiative. The new pond will become a vibrant hub of wildlife and biodiversity. To commemorate this, we buried a time capsule that captures the character of the Palace in 2024.

What’s inside? First, we included a detailed staff chart showcasing our amazing team. These are the people whose passion and dedication keep Fulham Palace thriving. But that’s not all.

We also added some charming snapshots of Edmund and Pamunkey, our beloved palace cats. These furry friends are more than just pets—they’re cherished members of the Fulham Palace family, bringing joy to everyone they meet.

Next, we packed the capsule with information about our upcoming events. Imagine future generations discovering the variety of activities that make Fulham Palace a cultural hotspot—from historical tours to community gatherings. It’s like giving them a peek into the vibrant life of 2024!

And there’s more; we included details of our current fundraising project, highlighting the community effort that drives Fulham Palace forward. It’s a snapshot of how we’re all working together to preserve and enhance this historic site.

Burying this time capsule is our way of connecting with the future, showing them the exciting things we’re doing today. It’s not just about preserving items; it’s about becoming part of the Palace’s long and layered history.

As the pond fills and the garden thrives, this time capsule will remain a hidden gem, a secret waiting to be discovered by future generations. It’s a testament to our times, filled with the stories and achievements that make Fulham Palace special.

Senior gardener Pete places the time capsule beneath the pond's lining