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Black resistance through Afrofuturism: Resistance lecture series

Join the next talk in our brand-new lecture series!

Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic, philosophy of science, and history that explores the intersection of the African diaspora culture with science and technology.  In this talk,  Bimpe Adeyemi, outreach and participation practitioner at Fulham Palace, will be providing case studies of her work, and discussing how Afrofuturism destabilizes previous ideas of blackness and inverts reality by rewriting stories.

Bimpe Adeyemi is an Afrofuturist artist, performer, facilitator, and co-founder of Xenogenesis. She recognises Afrofuturism as a way to lay a new path to explore what was considered uncharted territory.  Her work centres on how Afrofuturism has been used as a tool of liberation, passive and active resistance.

This lecture series accompanies the Palace’s upcoming exhibition on the Bishop of London, colonialism and transatlantic slavery.  The focus of the exhibition is the systems of physical and spiritual resistance that ultimately led to the ending of the transatlantic traffic in enslaved Africans and slavery itself in the British Empire. The exhibition will include a film featuring the work by Adisa, the project artist, and schools and community groups, and a timeline featuring resistance, Church of England against the backdrop of world events.