Floral foundations: flowers for your summer party

Bring out your inner florist and join senior gardener Franziska’s hands-on cut flower course!

Join senior gardener and florist Franziska for a series of workshops exploring everything cut flower related. From seed sowing to bouquet tying, Franziska will guide you through the seasons sharing theoretical knowledge as you gain hands-on experience creating beautiful natural pieces to take home!

This week:

3 August 2023: Flowers for your summer party

In this session, prepare to discover some summer inspiration as we look at:

  • What the flower patch looks like in August and which plants are at their peak
  • Sustainable techniques to consider when creating displays and decorations
  • Find inspiration in the bounty of colours and textures of the Palace’s summer garden, and awaken your own flair for floral fancies!
  • Afternoon tea or dinner party? Learn skills that will make a world of difference for your next celebration. Using everything you have learned, you will create and take home your very own small table decoration.

Up next:

7 September 2023: Crowning the end of summer

As we move closer to the end of the season, we’ll be covering the following topics:

  • What is in season? What jobs are coming up in your September cut flower garden?
  • During a stroll through our garden, learn what plant material suits best for flower crowns and floral wreaths
  • Learn sustainable skills and techniques on how to wind your very own crown
  • Wear and take home your creation and celebrate the intense colours of late summer!