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Fulham Palace through its objects

Discover Fulham Palace’s long history as told through its objects.

When the Bishops of London left Fulham Palace in 1973, they took their personal belongings and removed most of the furniture and artwork from the rooms. Excavations and restorations over the last 30 years have revealed more information about how the Palace altered throughout the centuries.
When Fulham Palace Trust was established in 2011, it inherited a small museum collection that had grown since 1990. This included new acquisitions, loans and donations to dress the historic rooms and enhance knowledge about the history of the Bishops of London and Fulham Palace through inanimate objects and archival materials.

The talk will discuss the auditing of the formal collection, rationalisation steps, and eventual input into Modes. It will highlight some of the interesting re-discoveries, hazardous finds and new acquisitions in the Palace collection.

Event details:

  • This talk is part of the Life & culture at Fulham Palace lecture series.
  • Complimentary tea and coffee are provided.