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Discover more about Fulham Palace!

Explore the ongoing work of the Palace with an update covering the Trust’s annual report, a finance update and the achievements of the last year. After an opportunity to ask questions about Fulham Palace Trust, join Dr Stewart McCain for a fascinating talk.

Evangelicals and Anti-Jacobins: The French Revolution and Fulham Palace talk by Dr Stewart McCain

The French Revolution of 1789 had major repercussions across Europe, and Britain was no exception. Responses in Britain to events in France were initially optimistic, but they soured as the initial liberal phase of the Revolution gave way to War and Terror. This talk will explore the ramifications of the Revolution for Britain. It will focus specifically on the response of the then Bishop of London, Beilby Porteus, for whom events in France illustrated the political importance of religious life, and his friend Hannah More, who wrote some of the most important Anti-Revolutionary tracts of the period.

About the speaker

Dr Stewart McCain is a senior lecturer in History at St Mary’s University. He is the author of The Language Question under Napoleon (Palgrave, 2018), and has published articles on the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period in French History, History Today and the European Review of History.

Event details:

  • Drinks & light refreshments will be served at the beginning of the event
  • The talk will be approximately 40 – 45 minutes.
  • For additional information or questions about this event, please contact Amy Barker by emailing