Human trafficking and Fulham Palace

Join Dr Carole Murphy and explore Fulham Palace’s connections with transatlantic slavery.

Awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery has increased in recent years. This talk will provide a short overview of historical slavery to the present day, including the most recent statistics from the UK. It will highlight the hidden nature of contemporary forms of slavery and that, despite increased awareness following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act into UK legislation in 2015, contemporary forms of slavery remain mostly out of sight. Also less visible are the legacies of transatlantic slavery in the UK, which have not been acknowledged in the MSA. The talk will conclude with a discussion of Fulham Palace’s connections with transatlantic slavery, considering the legacy of this for its current operations and the steps it has taken to begin to address this legacy.

Event details:

  • This talk is part of the Life & culture at Fulham Palace lecture series.
  • Complimentary tea and coffee are provided.