Palace explorers: Patterns at the Palace – Hidden wallpaper

Discover the patterns hidden throughout the Palace!

Palace explorers are weekly hands-on workshops for children ages 2 – 4 and their adults, with each week exploring a new element of Fulham Palace. This term is all about patterns at the Palace.

Patterns can be found everywhere around you — including at Fulham Palace! Together we’ll search for patterns hidden in different areas of the Palace such as the chapel, garden and historic rooms.

Term schedule:

Week 5: 11 & 12 July – Hidden wallpaper patterns

We’ll work together to unravel the mystery of the Great Hall’s wallpaper by putting together a special jigsaw.

Week 6: 18 & 19 July – Summer party patterns

Did you know Fulham Palace is famous for its summer parties? Both Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II have joined and been guests at the fabulous summer parties in Fulham. We’ll organise a summer party filled with patterns and invite a special guest of honour.