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Summer explorers: Vikings

The Palace is looking for adventurous, imaginative and enthusiastic explorers!

Do you have what it takes to survive the past? Join us for four days of adventure and time-traveling antics. From the Stone Age to the Tudors, these interactive and immersive sessions involve costume, archaeology and more.

Summer explorers encourages children ages 7 – 10 to unlock their creativity and discover new ways to learn and explore together.

This session:

27 August – Vikings

It is AD 878, news has spread that Viking Invaders are in their longboats, journeying across the stormy seas, around the rocky British coast, safely up the Thames to finally settle at Fulham. How do we know all that? Who told us and what can we do to learn more?

Summer explorers schedule:

29 August – Tudors

Katherine of Aragon has been sent to Fulham Palace to rest after suffering a terrible illness. Travel back in time to the Tudor period and train as an apothecary in order to cure Katherine of Aragon. Discover Tudor medicine by taking a look inside an apothecary’s bag and exploring different herbs and their remedial qualities. Will we be able to cure Katherine?

Event details:

  • This event is suitable for ages 7 – 10.
  • Children may attend the session independently but must be checked into the session by their adult.