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In the garden this month

March 2017

Lighter evenings and mornings have been telling us spring is on its way. With March now upon us, meteorologically speaking – it’s officially arrived. It’s been a good winter with plenty of frosts confirming the dormant season that our trees and plants so desperately need for successful growth. We haven’t had a great deal of rain which isn’t always a good thing, however perhaps things will change in March.

At Fulham Palace our bulb displays are well into action. The snowdrops and crocus are over, but replaced with daffodils of many varieties, and we can see the blue bells shooting up in the woodland. If you walk down our main drive you will see the delightful displays in the paddock. This is the area along the main entrance drive of the Palace, towards the Tudor Courtyard – so called as it was once a place for horses to graze.

The Cherry plum, Prunus cerasifera, in the Walled Garden is in full bloom. Our bee hives are showing lots of activity and enjoying the early camellia blossoms in the Palace grounds.

The woodland moat walk is an area that changes the most at this time of year. The hazel’s leaf buds will soon be breaking out and signs of blue bells will be appearing on the floor. Having completed our hazel coppicing we have a good stock of hazel brushwood bundles ready to use for staking in the knot and vegetable gardens.

March brings much horticultural excitement with the main bulk of seed sowing for the vegetable garden happening over the coming weeks. The vinery has had its deep clean, pots are washed and the potting shed is primed for action. Outside, most of the vegetable beds have been mulched with garden compost and are ready to be raked for sowing. Our onions sets have gone in, and we have planted more rhubarb. The broad beans have overwintered well and will soon need netting to protect them from the birds and are starting to bud up.

In simple terms, it’s all about to kick off!


Lucy Hart
Head Gardener


In the garden this month
In the garden this month
In the garden this month
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