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Sponsor a Brick

Sponsor a brick and be part of Fulham Palace’s restoration

Our Sponsor a Brick campaign gives you the opportunity to support our restoration project which will restore and renew Fulham Palace, brick by brick.

The Palace’s beautiful Tudor brickwork is over 500 years old. We need your help so visitors will be able to enjoy it for centuries to come. By sponsoring a brick, you can sign your name on a brick at one of our events listed below. It will become a very special part of our restoration project and your sponsorship will, quite literally, help us build Fulham Palace’s future.

There are two types of brick available for sponsorship: the Traditional Tudor Brick (which goes into the wall) and a Special Limited Edition Tudor Brick (which is placed in the archway). Each brick is made by hand and finished in a wood-fired kiln so the repairs will blend seamlessly into the Palace’s ancient walls. We have a limited number of bricks available and once they are gone, they are gone!

Choose your brick:
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If you are a UK Tax Payer, we can claim an additional 25% of your donation back from the Government. Please complete our donation form and let us know if you’d like us to keep in touch with you. You can return your form by post to: Development Office, Fulham Palace, Bishop’s Avenue, London SW6 6EA or by email.

Meet the specialists

H.G Matthews is our specialist brick maker. As manufacturers and suppliers of hand made bricks and machine-made bricks since 1923, using local clay and traditional firing processes, H.G. Matthews are proud to play their role in supporting the heritage of Fulham Palace.

SSH Conservation will be restoring the Tudor Quadrangle brickwork, using traditional techniques, wood-fired bricks and lime mortar. SSH are leading consultants and conservators of historic buildings, monuments and sculpture and have previously worked with Woburn Abbey, Wells Cathedral and the Great Malvern Priory.

Personalise your brick

Look out for our series of ‘Sponsor a Brick’ events where you can meet our heritage specialists and personalise your very own brick before it is seamlessly placed within the walls of Fulham Palace.

In order to sign your brick you must attend one of these events.

Dates for your diary:


Thursday 13 September, 2-3pm – Meet the Apprentice Bricklayer 

Thursday 20 September, 2-3pm – Meet the Apprentice Bricklayer

Thursday 4 October, 3-4pm – Meet the Restoration Project Site Manager

All events are free, except the Hard Hat Tours (but bricks can still be signed).  There are more events to come so please keep a look out.

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Sponsor a Brick campaign supported by:



Sponsor a Brick
Sponsor a Brick
Sponsor a Brick
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Sponsor a Brick
Sponsor a Brick
Sponsor a Brick
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