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Previous campaigns

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to continue the preservation and restoration of our unique historic site.

From bringing chickens to the Palace to preserving the walled garden wisteria, our vision to engage people, through the stories of Fulham Palace and the Bishops of London, in 6,000 years of English history, and to become one of the UK’s most inclusive and inspiring historic houses and gardens, remains the same.

Resistance exhibition

In 2020 Fulham Palace started to research the historic role of the Bishops of London in colonialism and transatlantic slavery.

The research informed our decision to empower people who are descended from those who were enslaved or indentured to shape and lead on future projects, including our current temporary exhibition.

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Preserving the walled garden wisteria

Thank you! With your support, we’re delighted to announce we have successfully reached our wisteria appeal target of £20,000. Your donations will help the wisteria thrive for generations to come!

Thank you for becoming part of history by lending your support to one of London’s most important botanical gardens since the 16th century! With your help, our garden can be a destination for all to enjoy in the years to come.

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Restoring the great hall paintings

Both the Thomas a Becket and the Saint Margaret of Scotland paintings by Benjamin West have been restored thanks to the generous donations by our supporters.

While the museum and historic rooms were temporarily closed to visitors during lockdown in 2021, collection and conservation efforts continued.

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Bringing chickens to the historic walled garden

Thanks to the generosity of our Patrons and supporters, we have successfully raised £1,569 to bring chickens to the walled garden!

Our latest residents will provide fresh organic eggs and their droppings will be used as a natural fertiliser. Additionally, our hens will enhance our educational and garden programmes!

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Illuminating the wonders of the library

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we raised £10,500 to replace the halogen lighting in Bishop Porteus’ library with new LED lighting!

LED lighting is not only energy efficient but also low-maintenance and long-lasting, meaning we can reduce our energy costs and minimise our environmental impact while preserving the historic character of the library and collection.

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