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Shares and Legacies

Leave a Gift in your Will

We all think about the future during our lifetime and how we can continue to make a difference when we are no longer here.  Leaving a gift in your will is one way of achieving this.

When you make your Will, or update your current one, please consider a gift to Fulham Palace. A gift in your Will can help us continue to conserve and share this wonderful historic house and gardens for future generations to visit, learn from and enjoy.

Donate in Memory

When we lose a loved one, it can ease our grief if we remember them in a meaningful way.  A gift given in their memory can bring consolation and can also do great good.

If you would like to discuss a gift in your Will or a donation in Memory, please contact development@fulhampalace.org in the first instance.

Download our Guide to leaving a gift in your will

Download our Legacy pledge form


Giving shares is one of the most tax-effective ways of donating to Fulham Palace. HMRC provides comprehensive guidance notes on how to do this.

All shares that are transferrable can be donated, but only publicly quoted shares qualify for tax relief for the donor. Publicly quoted shares include shares listed on the London Stock Exchange or Alternative Investment Market Shares (AIM). HMRC website gives a full list of qualifying stock exchanges.

There are two types of tax relief that are potentially available when you give shares: Income Tax relief on the value of the shares and exemption from Capital Gains Tax. With the higher rates of income tax at 40% and 50% and capital gains tax at 18% (or 28% for higher rate tax payers), this can amount to a substantial tax break.

Tax relief will be given for the market value of the shares as a deduction from your income tax liability for the tax year in which the gift is made. Additionally, you may be liable for exemption from Capital Gains Tax on the increase on the value of the shares that you would have had to pay if you had simply sold them.

Shares (in paper form) can be transferred to Fulham Palace Trust upon completion of a transfer document which is sent to the Registrar of Shares with the original share certificate. Fulham Palace Trust then receives a new share certificate in its name. If stocks are held electronically, the donor will need to contact the Nominee in order to check their precise requirements for the transferral of the shares.

For more information on Tax Efficient Giving, click here.

You should take advice from a qualified financial advisor before proceeding.


Shares and Legacies
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