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The museum and historic rooms

The museum of Fulham Palace charts the long history of the Fulham Palace site, from Prehistoric times and Roman settlement, through Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and Victorian bishops to the present day.

The museum collection includes paintings, archaeology and artefacts, as well as Fulham Palace itself, as demonstrated by a fascinating 1:50 scale model of the building. The collection is permanently displayed in two rooms of the Palace which have been restored to their original state of Georgian splendour. Some displays are interactive, providing children with opportunities to engage more directly with the objects.

Displays include:

  • archaeological evidence, in the form of coins and pottery, that show Romans settled on this spot along the Thames riverbank
  • grand portraits of past residents and monarchs
  • everyday objects that provide clues as to how people in the past lived, worked and played at Fulham Palace

Children of all ages are very welcome in the museum (though younger children should always be accompanied), and our art cart is always available with a variety of activities to enjoy. The education team run children’s workshops during half term which are a fun and hands on way to learn.

The museum shop, found in the Porteus library, offers a selection of items related to the collections, along with a good selection of local history books and postcards, many that are only available at Fulham Palace. Always worth a rummage through, you never know what you might find!

Entry to the museum is free of charge, though there is a modest fee to join guided walks and tours, and for the children’s half term workshops.

Guided tours and walks
Guided historical tours take place throughout the year, led by our volunteer guides. Find out more.

Taster talks
Our free 10 minute Taster Talks take place at 2pm when the Museum is open and a Historical Tour is not taking place. Meet in reception for a brief introduction to our site.

The Museum collects all items relating Fulham Palace architecture, archaeology and garden and social history.  If you have any relevant material that you would like to donate or lend we would be very happy to receive it, so do contact our Museum Curator to discuss.


The Museum activities could not function without the generous help of our volunteer team.  From all walks of life within the local community the team help to deliver all manner of projects within the Palace, if you have some spare time – no matter how little – and would like to get involved please contact us to find out how you can help.



The museum and historic rooms
The museum and historic rooms
The museum and historic rooms
The museum and historic rooms
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