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Education partner sessions

Discover the Thames foreshore with guided sessions from Thames Explorer Trust or enjoy theatre and performance-arts-based sessions from Xenogenesis.

Thames Explorer Trust

These sessions are run throughout the year by Thames Explorer Trust for Fulham Palace. The days and times are dependent on the tide.

Key Stage 2: Archaeology for all

Archaeology for all

Pupils practice the historical enquiry skills used by archaeologists with fieldwork on the riverside followed by indoor activities learning how to identify and date artefacts. This programme is backed up by a much-acclaimed resource pack for classroom use.

Session 1: Fieldwork on the riverside includes recording river features and evidence of human use. Work on the foreshore involves collecting and identifying historic artefacts as evidence of past river use.

Session 2: Indoor activities show pupils how to distinguish between different materials and identify and date the artefacts using specially designed colourful and easy-to-use sorting boards. We also investigate how artefacts found around the Thames help us build up a picture of London’s settlement. Sessions will round up with a look at Fulham Palace’s collections (time permitting).

Key Stage 2: Rivers and environmental issues

Rivers and environmental issues

Pupils are encouraged to raise questions about their local environment with fieldwork on the riverside, followed by indoor activities focusing on how to make the river environmentally sustainable.

Session 1: Fieldwork on the foreshore includes using a range of scientific equipment to record simple abiotic data (water temperature, weather, state of tide) and assessing water quality through chemical tests and invertebrate sampling. Pupils will also observe river features and processes and will gain experience in identifying and naming birds and invertebrates, recognising how these organisms have adapted to the local environment. If time allows we will also collect foreshore archaeology as evidence of river settlement.

Session 2: Indoor activities begin with the revision of geographical features and the water cycle, through the River of Life floor game which involves creating a natural river habitat with food chains and adaptations. Pupils then look at how the river environment has changed over time and how pollution and human impact can pose a danger to living things. Through drama, pupils will explore environmental issues and find “pollution solutions” to help devise a sustainable future for the Thames. Sessions will round up with a look at Fulham Palace’s museum (time permitting).

Additional information

For more information and to book you can get in touch with Thames Explorer Trust by calling +44 (0)20 8742 0057 or visiting their website.

The cost is £305 for a full-day programme including two hours of fieldwork and two hours of indoor activities.


A theatre and performance-arts-based social enterprise that nurtures and inspires artistry using interactive theatre, dance, music and theatrical techniques through the lens of Afrofuturism. Workshops are delivered by professional actors and performers with knowledge and expertise across the curriculum.

Key Stages 1/ 2/ 3/ 4: Storytelling workshop

Storytelling workshop

Our storytelling workshops take a cross-curricular approach to subjects such as literacy, history and drama. We explore stories first-hand through theatre and performance and expose students to a range of techniques such as improvising, role-play, devising, imaginative games and many more. It’s a chance to get inside the minds of the characters and walk through the story’s world. We offer a range of children’s books and fairytales and books by Black authors in the UK.

Key Stages 1/ 2/ 3/ 4: Dancing decades

Dancing decades

The Dancing Decades workshop will explore dance styles that have their origins in the African diaspora. Participants will learn and celebrate iconic styles such as 1960s ‘The Twist’, Line Dances and 70s Disco! Moving on to the 1980s with different styles of breakdancing, 1990s hip hop and the 2000s modern dance.

Key Stages 2/ 3: Black in time

Black in time

Travel back in time with our time travellers as they navigate their way back through time and meet influential Black authors that have made an impact on Black British History

Key Stages 2/ 3/ 4: Hair it up

Hair it up

This workshop explores the cultural significance of Black Hair and through a practical interactive, students will learn and recreate braiding patterns that represent symbols of identity, resistance, creative expression and freedom.

Key Stages 2/ 3/ 4: Into the future

Into the future

Through engagement with theatre and performance participants will explore the theories behind Afrofuturism and create some of their own work envisioning the future of society. This workshop is an opportunity to push the boundaries of what can be done and in doing so, imagine a whole new world, and possibilities for themselves.

Key Stages 2/ 3/ 4: What if

What if

This workshop explores what it means to know that there have always been alternatives to what has been given in the present. We are asking the ‘What if’ questions using Film and Photography and establish a framework on how to create works of art through the lens of Afrofuturism.

All Key Stages: Bespoke workshop

Bespoke workshop

We work with your staff to ensure maximum benefit across the school and that cross-curricular opportunities are tailored to your school’s needs. We provide cultural enrichment that transcends boundaries without having to leave the school grounds.

Bespoke fee: £500 half day / £950 full day

Additional information

  • Workshops are delivered by professional actors and performers with knowledge and expertise across the curriculum
  • Workshops are 45 – 60 minutes for Key Stage 1 and 60 – 90 minutes for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. They typically accommodate 30 children, with up to five classes per day.
  • The workshops can either take place at your chosen venue or at Fulham Palace.
  • Workshops cost £400 half day / £775 full day
  • For more information and to book you can get in touch with Xenogenesis on +44 (0)7305316075 or book via the school booking form.

Download the school flyer or the workshop information brochure.