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A new exhibition comes to Fulham Palace!

Written by artist Izabela B Kutcha.

Welcome to my first solo exhibition in Fulham Palace – Embracing imperfection, seeking meaning, conquering the unknown. I have previously showed my work as a part of The Society of Fulham Artists and Potters exhibition in Autumn 2021 and Autumn 2022. I have always loved painting and writing, since I can remember, but only the pandemic in 2021 created the opportunity for me to return to my passion. My favourite medium to work with is oil paint on paper. I also experiment with charcoal. Originally, my interest was focused on abstraction and geometry, but I broaden the subject of my work to still life, portraits and landscape. My work could be easily identified by strong bold colours and contrasts, mirroring my personality and approach to life. Please find more of my work on Instagram. Thank you for visiting the exhibition. I hope you love it.

Art was always a part of me, born within, hidden power, waiting for its time to come out. A need that could not be suppressed. Essential for my survival. A way of living. The creative process is more of a struggle against myself and my own limitations. An emotion that needs to be felt, lived through, experienced, that requires a form, to be translated onto a paper, dressed into words. A personal journey within. In fact, every piece I create has a part of me, captured and offered to the world.

Art is a philosophy. A lifestyle. A dedication. A sacrifice. For me, there was always a distinction between craftsmanship and artistic expression. Art is more than a skill, mastered over a time, it conveys a part of your soul and carries it throughout the life. It is a time capsule, an insight into somebody’s else soul. An invitation to step into someone’s else mind. A vision. Their version of the world.

I was always fascinated by the internal world, intuitively following and allowing the emotions to guide me. Tuned into signals from within. Captivated by abstraction of being, the condition of human nature, the sphere shapes within still life, the space within landscape, the geometry of human body, the patterns hidden in nature. Strong bold colours and contrast reflect my personality and attitude towards life. Making statement and finding my own way through life. On my own terms. My relationship with myself. Open ended exploration with no end. The mark I will leave behind me. The legacy and testimony of what I stood for. The evidence of my being and the fact that I was here. And now I invite you to come and share it with me.

The artwork is on exhibition from 16 January – 28 February and entry is included with your free museum ticket.  A printed postcard and select pieces are for purchase through the Fulham Palace museum shop.