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Go green! Speakers at the green meet

This year’s green meet event hosts a panel of experts speaking on various exciting topics centring around sustainability, biodiversity and going green.


Joe is a London-based naturalist and tutor with extensive experience of surveying and recording wildlife in London’s parks and green spaces. He is passionate about London’s fascinating biodiversity and communicating its richness to others, and contributes regularly to publications such as The London Naturalist. Currently he manages trainees with The Conservation Volunteers.

Amy Nettley

Amy Nettley is the environment lead in a private family office and whilst she has insight into world-leading and hopefully world changing technologies, she still believes in the impact of individual action as collective votes for the environment. This talk will look at how environmental decisions are integral to every day life.

Edmond Rube

Edmond Rube is a trustee of the environmental charity The Bay Trust. He is committed to environmental protection; involved in sustainable construction, renewable energy and a certified generalist. Edmond is currently developing improved methods for producing biochar that can be used widely on a small scale to address climate change and soil degradation.

Jordan Berkowitz

Jordan Berkowitz is the Head of Strategy at Biophilica focussing on brand, product, and business strategy. He is a proven strategic leader with 15+ years of experience excelling in complex environments ranging from Ogilvy to Google. He believes in the power of simplicity, that empowered people produce great work, and that actions speak louder than words.

Emily Tulloh

Emily Tulloh is Climate Engagement Lead for Hammersmith & Fulham Council. Working alongside the local community and partners, she aims to build awareness and make sure residents have a voice in the council’s climate work. From grant funding to planning permission, and cycling schemes to a new library of things, join this talk to find out how the council can help us all cut carbon and restore nature.

Lucy Hart

Lucy Hart started in horticulture at the age of 13 before leaving school for Merrist Wood horticultural college at 16. Her eyes opened to gardening and growing in a public garden setting after gaining work experience. In 2003 she did the Kew Diploma and stayed on at Kew as a team leader for eight years. In 2011 Lucy became the head gardener at Fulham Palace which has kept her very busy ever since!

Catia Squarcia

Catia Squarcia is the Programme manager and forest school leader of ecoACTIVE. ecoACTIVE is an environmental education charity based in Hackney. They provide workshops and Forest School programmes for schools and community groups, and support a network of community gardens. Their educators use hands-on, practical approaches to explore complex issues of sustainability. ecoACTIVE aims to inspire and empower communities to become agents of change.

Ashley Edwards

Ashley is Head Gardener at Horatio’s Garden London & Southeast at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore where he manages and lovingly cares for the garden, which is used as a sanctuary by patients with spinal injuries. Horatio’s Garden is a national charity creating and nurturing beautiful gardens in NHS spinal injury centres that are fully wheelchair accessible. Ashley also runs horticulture workshops for patients, offering a chance to learn new skills and spend times outdoors, taking in the benefits of nature.

Talks tent schedule

Join the speakers in the talks tent and learn more about a variety of topics

  • 12.15 Catia Squarcia – Children’s food waste talk
  • 13.00 Emily Tulloh – Hammersmith & Fulham council
  • 13.15 Dr. Amy Nettley – Restorative interventions
  • 13.30 Jordan Berkowitz – Biophilica and vegan leather
  • 13.45 Sustainability panel
  • 14.15 Lucy Hart – Biodiversity in the Fulham Palace garden
  • 14.30 Edmond Rube – Biochar technology
  • 14.45 Joe Beale – Fulham Palace wildlife survey
  • 15.00 Garden panel
  • 15.15 Ashley Edwards – Building a sanctuary

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