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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s classic comedy comes to Fulham Palace!

Shakespeare’s classic comedy comes to Fulham Palace! Five couples – three human, one fairy, and one mythical – find their relationships sorely tested, probed and exposed when a troupe of amateur theatricals bumbles into the forest to rehearse a play. Shakespeare’s timeless comic masterpiece explores every colour in the spectrum of love, from an arranged marriage to elopement and infatuation to hatred. Add to this bawdy mix a heady brew of confusion, magic and mischief, and you have a perfect comedy for a summer evening.

This production’s run time is approximately two hours and twenty minutes (including a 20-minute intermission). Gates will open at 14.00. This production is suitable for ages 5+. Seating is not provided,  please bring a low-backed chair or rug should you wish.

Feel free to bring a picnic, but please be sure to pack all your rubbish and take it with you after the performance.