Family fun day: from bud to blossom

This month our family fun day celebrates all things nature – with bugs, pebbles and leaves! Enjoy the world around you with the help of these digital fun day resources – whether you’re in your own garden or at the Palace. Scroll down to discover quizzes, crafts, codes and trails.

Join Palace cat Edmund and his pal Grindal on a journey through Fulham Palace garden!

For all ages

Visit our garden on this self-guided tour! Explore the 500-year-old holm oak, the bug hotel, daffodils and more hidden corners of the 13-acre site.

Download the tour

Edmund the Palace cat can't paint because he doesn't have hands. Which pebble pet will you help him make?

For ages 3+

Want an easy DIY pet that totally rocks? Create your own pebble pet with this easy tutorial!

Make a pebble pet!

Grindal the mouse has found a leaf, but what kind of tree did it fall from?

For ages 5+

Can you tell which tree a leaf belongs to just by looking at its shape? Use our leaf ID sheet to identify mystery leaves in your garden or local park.

Download the leaf ID sheet and become a leaf detective

For ages 5+

Build a bug from funky shapes – the wackier, the better!

Build a bug kit

Creepy crawlies - have you seen any of these in the garden?

For ages 8+

Insects are incredible for the work they do pollinating plants in the garden ecosystems they live in. Learn more about these fascinating creatures in this colourful info sheet – and use the fact sheet to identify some bugs.

Name that bug!

Can you crack the plant name codes?

For ages 8+

Name that plant! Head gardener Lucy has found a list of plants in the Fulham Palace garden but it’s in code! Can you help her decipher the plant names? (Feel free to ask a grown up for help – some of these are pretty tricky!)

Crack the plant name codes

And once you’ve worked it out, check the answer sheet here!