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Volunteering FAQs

I don’t have any experience in the Museum or Heritage Sector. I don’t know about the history of Fulham Palace, can I still volunteer?

We have a variety of roles that cover many different areas at the Palace, most of our roles do not need previous knowledge or experience, and we look for people who will enjoy the role and their time at the Palace. We offer training for any tasks that might require it.


Can I volunteer at the Palace if I am under 18 years old?

We take on volunteers who are aged 18 and over.  If you are under 18 you maybe interested in becoming involved as a member of our youth panel. You can find out more about this on the website.


I’m from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and/or I’m on a visa in the UK, can I still volunteer?

If you are from within the EEA there are no limits on volunteering, and currently all asylum seekers and refugees can volunteer. If you are enquiring from outside the EEA you will need to check whether you need a visa to volunteer. If you are already in the UK on a visa you will need to check whether this allows you to volunteer and for how many hours.


I receive welfare benefits, can I still volunteer?

If you are on welfare benefits you can volunteer for as many hours as you like as long as you receive no payment other than the reimbursement of reasonable expenses and keep the rules for getting your benefit(s). You should always inform Jobcentre Plus when starting to volunteer, especially if you are receiving unemployment support. The only limitation can be if you are on incapacity and benefit if the reasons for being on it also apply to the volunteer role.


I’m registered disabled and/or have additional support needs, can I still volunteer?

Although we do not offer supported volunteering opportunities currently, we aim to ensure our volunteer opportunities are as accessible as possible, and will make all reasonable adjustments to allow someone to volunteer where possible. We welcome suggestions and ideas about how we can improve accessibility.


I can’t see any roles that suit my availability/or interest; can I register my interest for future opportunities?

Yes, if you fill in an Download our Volunteer Enquiry Form and send it to volunteer@fulhampalace.org, letting us know about your interests and the sort of role you are interested in, we will be able to advise on the best way forward. If there are no appropriate opportunities currently we are able to add you to a waitlist for the role and will let you know when an opportunity becomes available.


Can I be flexible about what day and how regularly I volunteer at the Palace?

The majority of our roles have flexible sessions that volunteers are able to sign up to online through our Volunteer Portal, a dedicated website just for our volunteers. We do look for volunteers who are able to commit to at least one session a month. All our roles require an amount of training and for you to make sure you get the most from your experience as a volunteer we also look for people who are able to commit to around 6 months. There are exceptions to this so please do still contact us with any further questions.


I am looking for a school work experience placement can I do this at the Palace?

We have a limited capacity for work experience placements. For this reason we only accept two 10 day Key Stage 4 placements, one from Fulham College Boys School /Fulham Cross Girls School/Fulham Enterprise Studio Federation, based in the Gardening department.


Do you security check new volunteers?

We ask all volunteers to provide 2 references in order to volunteer. Some roles which involve volunteering with children require a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS). Roles that require these checks will state this clearly on the role description. We are only concerned about convictions that are relevant to the role. Any information revealed by these checks is kept strictly confidential.


As a volunteer can I claim back travel expenses?

We don’t want you to be out of pocket from volunteering at the Palace. We reimburse travel expenses up to a maximum of £8 per session; this covers the cost of a 2 zone travel card. All receipts must be kept to make a claim.


What support do volunteers get?

All volunteers will receive any training that is required for their role, including an induction to the organisation and role. They will have a named staff supervisor who will be their regular point of contact whilst volunteering.


If I start a role and decide it isn’t right for me, can I volunteer in a different role?

All volunteers have an introduction period when starting a new role, this will last around 1-3 months depending on how regularly you volunteer. During this time you are able to see if the role is what you expected. At the end of this time an appropriate person will meet with you to discuss your experience and whether any adjustments need to be made moving forward.


What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteers significantly enhance everything we are able to do at the Palace; they are integral to the organisation. We offer volunteers a positive and engaging culture that includes social events, forums and our Volunteer Portal, a dedicated website for our volunteers only, where volunteers are able to contribute blog posts, join in discussions with other volunteers, sign up to sessions and access all the information they need as a Volunteer. All of the volunteering opportunities also offer volunteers the chance to meet new people and develop their skills and experience.


Will I receive a reference for my volunteering?

We are happy to offer references for volunteers. For us to know you and be able to do this we advise that you will need to have been volunteering with us regularly for a minimum of 6 months. Please contact our Volunteer Development Officer for more information.


Can I talk to someone more about volunteering?

Yes, please do contact us if you have any questions about volunteering at Fulham Palace. You can email volunteer@fulhampalace.org or call 020 7751 2433

Volunteering FAQs
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