Digging the scene: contrasts in community and commercial archaeology

What’s the difference between community and commercial archaeology?

Join our community archaeologist Alexis Haslam as he discusses these two contrasting branches of modern archaeology including the advantages and pitfalls of each.

Before joining Fulham Palace in 2017, Alexis was a professional archaeologist with Pre-Construct Archaeology (PCA) Ltd. During his 16 years with the company, he worked his way from field technician to senior archaeologist, directing numerous field excavations in London and the South East, as well as lecturing on and publishing excavation results.

While at PCA Alexis became involved with archaeology at Fulham Palace, overseeing the Orchard Archaeological Dig in 2014. Since joining the Palace, Alexis has lead two community archaeology digs: the Dovecote Dig in 2017 and the Cultivating Compton Dig in 2018.