Palace explorers

Palace explorers allows you and your child the chance to learn, play and discover the Palace together in exciting hands-on sessions.

Palace explorers are creative hands-on sessions for children ages 2 to 4.

Palace explorers meet from 9:30 – 10:30 in the education centre each Tuesday during term time. Children enjoy active learning through playing and exploring. From seed planting to games, each new weekly theme helps children discover the world in a unique and historic setting.

Our current term begins Tuesday 1 November and invites children and their adult to travel back in time and experience the Palace’s long history.  From Tudor feasts to Georgian high society, each week features an exciting new topic with opportunities for hands-on learning.

Weekly booking

Booking online before the session is essential as there are only ten spaces available for each day. The session cost is £10.50 per child, accompanying adult and babies are free. Children must be accompanied by a single adult.

Find out about our upcoming sessions, including the theme of the week on our events page.

Term booking

Termly bookings are available at the start of each term. A term booking guarantees your child’s place for one of the weekly sessions each week and must be booked before the first session of the term.

Term schedule

Week 1: 1 November – Stone age community

Let’s discover the Stone Age! From foraging for food to staying warm with fur, let’s use our senses to explore how humans lived 6,000 years ago and the tools they used.

Week 2: 8 November – Romans changing history

Did you know the Romans introduced pears to the UK? What else do you think they brought with them? Together we’ll dress as Romans and discover how they changed history.

Week 3: 15 November – A banquet for Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I is coming to the Palace for a feast in the great hall! Together we’ll explore the different foods the Tudors liked to eat.

Week 4: 22 November – Georgian high society

We all speak different languages, but did you know that the Georgians sometimes communicated through fans? Make your own fan and travel back in time to attend a Georgian ball.

Week 5: 29 November – Victorian laundry

What was it like to be a servant at the Palace? Step into the shoes of Eliza Hatti, the scullery maid, and help her wash the clothes of the Tait family.

Week 6: 6 December – WWI hospital

Did you know the Palace was once a hospital in WWI? Let’s travel back in time and explore the Palace as a hospital. Using the costume collection, we’ll dress the part as we care for the patients staying at the Palace.

Week 7: 13 December – Christmas at the Palace

Christmas is almost here! Let’s gather together and share our favourite Christmas stories and maybe even solve a festive mystery.

The outdoor and indoor activities are the perfect combination. We love these classes.

Palace explorers parent