Summer explorers

Calling all adventurous, imaginative and enthusiastic explorers!

Summer explorers are creative hands-on sessions for children ages 7 to 10.

Join summer explorers and discover August’s adventure at the Palace! Travel back in time and uncover the secrets of Fulham Palace through forgotten objects and hidden stories. Children will experience the sights, sounds and smells of the garden and get creative with hands-on arts and crafts. Both children and adults will discover new ways to learn and create together.

Summer explorers encourages families with children ages 7 – 10 can unlock their creativity and discover new ways to learn and explore together. Summer explorers consists of four bespoke sessions, lasting an hour and a half each.

Children are able to attend independently after an adult has checked them in with the session facilitator at the education centre.


Pre-booking is essential for summer explorers as there are limited spaces available. A block booking includes every session and can be made prior to the first session.

Daily session bookings are also available.

Week schedule

Choose your adventure at Fulham Palace

Tuesday 1 August: How to be a Roman
Travel back in time to AD 208, and experience living in the Fulham Roman villa. Participants will wear costumes from our extensive collection; grind spices on mortaria, and handle original Roman objects.

Wednesday 2 August: How to be a Viking
It is AD 878, Viking invaders are in their longboats, journeying across the stormy seas, around the rocky British coast, safely up the Thames to finally settle at Fulham. How do we know all that? Who told us and what can we do to learn more?

Thursday 3 August: How to be a Stone Age kid
Discover what Fulham was like before the bishops built the Palace. Join us for an immersive session, create an outdoor community and learn how to survive in nature.

Friday 4 August: How to be a Victorian
This immersive workshop transports pupils to the Victorian period, where they live the life of children at the Palace- both rich and poor. The session takes place in Victorian buildings, including the stunning chapel. Pupils explore the differences and similarities of life between the classes by handling historical objects, taking on the role of servants and dressing in appropriate costume. They are introduced to Bishop Tait and his large family, then experience the 1867 opening of the chapel at Fulham Palace.