Family activities

You can now enjoy our award-winning learning activities at home. These activities are suitable for a wide range of ages, but help might be required with some of the cutting.

Make your own pop-up Palace!

This simple 3D pop-up Palace is the perfect activity for an afternoon.

The Palace Cat

Volunteer and communities manager Rachel Bagnall-Bray reads the exciting adventures of Tom and Matilda as they whizz through Fulham Palace’s history, with Edmund the time-travelling cat as their mischievous guide!

Medieval Palace resources

Medieval manuscript colouring sheet (All ages)

Create your own illuminated manuscript page for Fulham Palace – will you include plants from the garden? Perhaps a bishop or two? Or maybe parts of the Palace itself?! Colour in an illuminated page, or add your own illuminations to the letter F for Fulham on the second page.

What did the medieval Palace look like? (Ages 7+)

The site where Fulham Palace now sits has a long and fascinating history. The medieval palace is a bit of a mystery that is still being uncovered. Through archaeological digs and intensive research, more clues have come to light. Learn more about the medieval palace in this presentation from our community archaeologist, Alexis Haslam, as he shares what it may have looked like, what happened to it, and what is still being discovered!

Once you’ve watched it, fill in the gaps in this puzzle sheet!

The hidden chapel (YouTube video) Ages 8+

During hot summers, the dry weather reveals Fulham Palace’s very own ‘secret’ parch marks on our main lawn, showing the outline of our former chapel built in 1231 and demolished during the late 18th century during Bishop Terrick’s renovation. Community archaeologist Alexis Haslam gets up close with the parch marks to talk about how they are caused and what they reveal about our history.

Test yourself with some medieval quizzes! (Ages 6+)

Medieval word search

Medieval word search answer key

What belongs in the great hall? (Quiz 1)

What belongs in the great hall? (Quiz 2)

Wonder word challenge (Ages 6+)

Wonder word challenge (Ages 9+)

Famous faces – in depth blog (Ages 12+)

Meet the famous faces at the time of the medieval Palace in this in-depth history blog by Tricia Kern. Grab a cup of tea and settle in for a 20 minute history lesson to brush up on your knowledge of the period!

Bud to blossom resources

Self-guided tour of Fulham Palace garden (All ages)

Visit our garden on this self-guided tour! Explore the 500-year-old holm oak, the bug hotel, daffodils and more hidden corners of the 13-acre site.

Make a pebble pet (Ages 3+)

Want an easy DIY pet that totally rocks? Create your own pebble pet with this easy tutorial!

Use our leaf ID sheet to become a leaf detective (Ages 5+)

Can you tell which tree a leaf belongs to just by looking at its shape? Use our leaf ID sheet to identify mystery leaves in your garden or local park.

Build a bug kit (Ages 5+)

Build a bug from funky shapes – the wackier, the better!

Name that bug! (Ages 8+)

Insects are incredible for the work they do pollinating plants in the garden ecosystems they live in. Learn more about these fascinating creatures in this colourful info sheet – and use the fact sheet to identify some bugs.

Crack the plant name codes (Ages 8+)

Name that plant! Head gardener Lucy has found a list of plants in the Fulham Palace garden but it’s in code! Can you help her decipher the plant names? (Feel free to ask a grown up for help – some of these are pretty tricky!)

Check your answers here!

Springtime at the Palace resources

Wordy the wise owl (Ages 3+)

Create your own 3-D owl with feathers to stroke!

Birds at Fulham Palace (Ages 5+)

The garden at Fulham Palace is full of many different bird species. Become a bird spotter and see how many you can find! Print off this page and colour them in.

Birds of a feather (Ages 8+)

Can you figure out which collective known is used for these birds?

Check your answers here!

What bird am I? (Ages 8+)

Take the quiz and see how well you know your feathered friends!

Check your answers here!

The Great British Birdwatch (Ages 10+)

Fulham Palace garden team took part in RSPB’s Great British Birdwatch 2021 – find their results below and see if you can answer our quiz questions.

Check your answers here!

Discover Arts Award from home

Discover Arts Award from home

Children can complete their ‘Discover’ level at home using the attached guide and log book, with a guide for parents as well. The Discover Arts Award is a recognised qualification and children will receive a certificate upon completion.